Thursday, June 18, 2009

Birthday besos

This is Avery. Avery turned 3. This is her best friend, Creed. Creed is the toddler equivalent of Ricky Ricardo. They go to Little Gym together and both do not listen to the teachers together.

Haven't quite figured out the candle blow-out part yet.

Such a flirt.

Dig in sister.


the life of a teenage scrapbooker said...

She is absolutely adorable!
only three and she's already got a boyfriend! :P
Love your blog too by the way!

Megan P

RobinG said...

love the pics...she is such a cutie!!!

Britmellen said...

Awe! I just found this post--don't know how I missed it before! We sure miss you guys. When's our trip? ;)

Shannon said...

Gorgeous (and she IS a flirt, but who can blame her?)

As for the blowing out the birthday candles, not blowing is better than getting too close and accidentally burning nose hair. That's an instant party ruiner, that is.