Sunday, January 25, 2009

Double dose

Wanted to post a few more pics of our shoot with KC and Allison. These two need to put on a clinic on Radability.

I drove by this wall yesterday and they already painted over the graffiti. That stuff don't fly in Utah. If I remember correctly, the tagging said, "Freakin' Fetcher".

Whoa again.

Allison's first comment after seeing this extreme close-up was, "There's proof that KC doesn't need to shave!"

This one is climbing my all-time fave charts.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


We figured out the secret to get Avery to smile. Tell her to stick her giraffe-like tongue out, she'll start laughing, and then start clickin. I wonder if they use this technique at Kiddie Kandid?

Sunday, January 18, 2009


We had to make a quick trip to the City of Lakes that are Salty to pick up a quick outfit for Liz's "big project" she's been working on day and night for months. They gave her $150 for a combo, and I'd like to thank the folks at Anthro-no-apology for creating A shirt that wiped those two bills out. I've always thought SLC was as big a dump as the next state capital, but there is some pretty sweet architecture that makes awesome just have to Photoshop the homeless peeps out.

Hello little flare.

Love the dude in the bathtub. And the sweet white jeep in the background. Timpview Highschoolers must have been on lunch...oh, memories.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

KC and Allison...wowzers

This was the funnest shoot eh-ver. And this is my new favorite shot. Holy gorgeous couple.
KC and Allison are so far beyond coolness that they are re-defining the word. Allison has a flawless, timeless picture perfect face that made our trusty Photoshop feel like the Maytag Man. KC is the new Bob Dylan who doesn't even have to try to lay down the law...he IS the law. We were giddy school kids following these two lovebirds around town, feeling completely adrenalinated with their awesomeness...we should have paid them to do this shoot.

Seriously, how does one even attempt to be this awesome? Is that an SX-70 hanging around Allison's neck?

Thank you Thank you Thank you KC and A for giving us the chance to attempt depicting your amazing personalities with our lens. Your emotional connection with eachother was so thick it just made us want to go home and make-out. Can we do it again sometime?

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Chris and Ashley photoshoot

Taking photos is fun enough but it's even more fun when it's of people you already know and love. Chris and Ashley have been married over a year but you would've thought we were doing an engagement session...still so twitterpated. Chris is 6' 11'' and Ashley is like 5' 3'' which made it even more fun! Check out the sweet video we made with help from our friends at Animoto here.

These two needed absolutely Zero coaching...they just naturally melted the lens with their awesomeness.

Liz was up standing on an old oil drum with her cheeks smashed up against this dirty brick wall to get this one.

Chris's wingspan is over 7 feet. You could park a Mini-Cooper in this alley.

Thanks Chrashley for such a fun shoot! Happy New Year!