Thursday, January 1, 2009

Chris and Ashley photoshoot

Taking photos is fun enough but it's even more fun when it's of people you already know and love. Chris and Ashley have been married over a year but you would've thought we were doing an engagement session...still so twitterpated. Chris is 6' 11'' and Ashley is like 5' 3'' which made it even more fun! Check out the sweet video we made with help from our friends at Animoto here.

These two needed absolutely Zero coaching...they just naturally melted the lens with their awesomeness.

Liz was up standing on an old oil drum with her cheeks smashed up against this dirty brick wall to get this one.

Chris's wingspan is over 7 feet. You could park a Mini-Cooper in this alley.

Thanks Chrashley for such a fun shoot! Happy New Year!


Auntie Em said...

I always enjoy looking at your blog, you are so creative and I love getting to see your ideas.

Cali and Brett Smith said...

Where were these pictures taken? Can you email me and let me know- the pictures are great!