Tuesday, January 6, 2009

KC and Allison...wowzers

This was the funnest shoot eh-ver. And this is my new favorite shot. Holy gorgeous couple.
KC and Allison are so far beyond coolness that they are re-defining the word. Allison has a flawless, timeless picture perfect face that made our trusty Photoshop feel like the Maytag Man. KC is the new Bob Dylan who doesn't even have to try to lay down the law...he IS the law. We were giddy school kids following these two lovebirds around town, feeling completely adrenalinated with their awesomeness...we should have paid them to do this shoot.

Seriously, how does one even attempt to be this awesome? Is that an SX-70 hanging around Allison's neck?

Thank you Thank you Thank you KC and A for giving us the chance to attempt depicting your amazing personalities with our lens. Your emotional connection with eachother was so thick it just made us want to go home and make-out. Can we do it again sometime?


Dionne said...

These are GREAT pics! I love his purple shoe laces!

Ashley said...

Beautiful! She really is gorgeous. You got some great shots.

Rosemary said...

First of all, WTH?!??!?! You guys are now a photog team?!?! Wohoo!! That means I get to blog stalk you from a different venue. Brilliant! I'm lovin these shots, and I think I need to make out now as well.