Friday, December 26, 2008


We grabbed Bethany over over Christmas break and tried to breath some life into the weather...this little ticket melted the snow! Muy Caliente! She's a frosh at hair school and the local hot salons are lining up. These were taken right outside the house on the driveway. (Too cold to walk anywhere).

Love the untied shoes.

"__________!" Insert gawking mumble here.

This girl puts the "able" in fashionable. I'm betting my kids college funds that she will have her own reality TV show one day. Them good odds.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

fun with light

There's only a couple places in our house with good lighting and fortunately for us one of those places is the kitchen. The only time Avery sits still long enought for shots like this is after she's chowed down a, of course.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas card

Emily and Russ stopped by for a last minute Christmas can you mess up with such a cool couple. I wish I had 10 tenth of the coolness they possess. Or a tenth of a tenth.

Sunday, December 14, 2008's Winter.

Our local Weather Psychic said we were supposed to get 4-7 inches of snow up here on the bench last night. Nice guess. More like (insert sarcastic comment using same numbers with smaller measurements.) ...oh...dis!

Winter to me is like the hill in the front yard that I weed all summer. As soon as pull every weed, more just grow back. As soon as I shovel it, it falls again. It's a hate-hate relationship.

At least Lizzy looks good in it.

We found a cool little apple orchard and snuck around for a few shots. In a couple weeks the only background we'll have is pure white so better take advantage of any color left.

I don't know why but this one looks like she should have a cowgirl hat on and a few horses in the background.

Winter...please just get it over with.

"A" is for Apple...Bah da da

I'm a bad father.

I might as well go to the post office, buy some packaging peanuts, soak them in sugar, put them in milk and give my daughter...that's about the same consistency of Apple Jacks. I'm "morning compatible" so it's been my job to get Avery up each day and get her fed. I was wondering when she was going to get sick of fruity oatmeal.

I caved...

She went to town.

No real use for the spoon, other than to bring the food 4 inches closer for her fingers to finish the job.

I'd say she more than enjoyed them...

Bring on the sugar rush.

Uh, hun? I have to go to work.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Little Miss Miss-Matchy

Silver sequin shoes? Check.
Pink 1980 aerobics leg warmers? Check.
Ballet skirt? Check.
Random Tee over long-sleeve stripe shirt? Check.
Did dad dress her today? Double check.

What a cute little hobo.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Chubba Wubba

Q-Bear is the definition of happy baby. The only time she cries is when she's either starving or pinchin' one off, other than that she literally just smiles at you. All. Day. Long. Her cheeks are like marshmallow saddle-bags that fill up with drool. As soon as you smile at her, she flexs her little zygomatic bone and those cheeks expel a gallon of saliva. We love her.

This is her disappearing thumb trick. We're thinking about auditioning her
next year on America's Got Talent.

Monday, December 8, 2008

snow? what snow?

Gosh I miss the P.G. pool. And the heat. And the sun. And the air conditioner. And the sun roof. And my Sanuks. And my hot wife in a swim suit. And Alexander the Grape Otter Pops. And Tiger's Blood snow cones.

It snowed today and it stuck which means 4 months of shoveling cloudpoop just so the snowplows can shove it right back on my driveway. I'd move to Florida if it weren't for the hurricanes and if the Yankees switched home fields with the Marlins.

Avery loves the pool like I Am Sam loves the Beatles.

I bit of color pop

Auntie Em playing motorboat...

Winter = time to dust off the old black and white's fun to have no tan lines for a few months. Butt-white butt. Butt-white face. Butt-white everything.

I'm buying my pool pass early next year.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Last name Smith, first name Awesome

We had a blast this weekend taking some shots for Liz's sister's family. Matt, Camille, Matty-boy, and Lila brought their A-game..."A" for Awesome. Look at those smiles...who needs sunshine when you've got those beautes!

This boy is a serious Stallion.

Momma and Momma's Boy

Thanks Matt and Camille for letting us hang with you!

son of a beach...

Sand to a 2 year old must look like chocolate cake because the first thing Avery did when we pulled up to the beach off Prospect Avenue was dive...head...first. She put it all over her face, in her mouth, and swam in it like Scrooge McDuck swimming in his vault of gold coins. At least she doesn't need any minerals for the rest of her childhood. She actually pooped an adobe hut 2 days later.Here she is re-enacting a scene from "Dances with Wolves".

Time for a battery re-charge.

My sis Emily and bro-in-law Russ just blended in with the locals...check out that nip hair. Sweet.

frilly skirt and the Balboa boardwalk

I don't know where Liz found this skirt but it was Avery's new best friend. My sis (used to) live on Balboa Island and we needed to kill some time waiting for the fish tacos to arrive so we hit the boardwalk. Let's just say that sidewalk was packed with old rich folks walking their "Schipeekapoos" and everyone of them had to say how cute the Weester was.

Avery either wears rainboots or nothing at all...

But seriously...who would want to live on a quaint little island in Newport Beach with gorgeous beach homes lining the waterway with 72 degrees year round? I'll take the 107 degree summers and -12 degree winters of Utah please...psyyyyyyche.