Thursday, December 4, 2008

U.C hits the O.C

Every year we hit up Newport during the summer peak to spend a week doing absolutely nothing. We find a house on Craigslist, each pitch in a few bills, and have the following daily routine: wake up, eat breakfast, go to beach for 8 hours, wander back, shower, dinner at Yardhouse, and then Irvine Spectrum...of course, it's December now and my google desktop weather widget says it's 33 outside. yes...1 degree above freezing. Oh to remininsce...

Canon + remote + too much free time to spend processing = boom shaka lakka

SOoooooo hard core...Liz even caught the spit flying off the lips
this is what happens when you take a picture of dudes staring directly into the sun

Oh beloved Newport...we count the days until we shall bro-hug again.

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