Monday, December 8, 2008

snow? what snow?

Gosh I miss the P.G. pool. And the heat. And the sun. And the air conditioner. And the sun roof. And my Sanuks. And my hot wife in a swim suit. And Alexander the Grape Otter Pops. And Tiger's Blood snow cones.

It snowed today and it stuck which means 4 months of shoveling cloudpoop just so the snowplows can shove it right back on my driveway. I'd move to Florida if it weren't for the hurricanes and if the Yankees switched home fields with the Marlins.

Avery loves the pool like I Am Sam loves the Beatles.

I bit of color pop

Auntie Em playing motorboat...

Winter = time to dust off the old black and white's fun to have no tan lines for a few months. Butt-white butt. Butt-white face. Butt-white everything.

I'm buying my pool pass early next year.

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Amy said...

I linked over from your wife's blog and have enjoyed looking at all of these shoots and had to comment on this one- I'm currently living in Florida and I have to say the no snow winter is wonderful!

Love all of these pictures- and the editing is fab! You and your wife are the perfect duo!