Sunday, July 10, 2011

BIG NEWS: Now Offering Family Videos!

I am SO pumped about this.

Gone are the days of just taking photos. Photography is and always will be my first love. Capturing still moments of real interaction and emotion is always a thrill.

Moving pictures, however, somehow create a whole new experience. Life in motion, set to music, tells a story that photographs cannot. You take a photo, you look at it maybe 2-3 times, and then move on. I did a video for a family recently and the mom said, "When we all watched it at the same time, we burst into tears." It's that 'live action' memory that is so moving and priceless.

I'm so excited to announce I will be offering "Life in Motion" videos along with my photography. Get some face-melting photos of your family, kids, wedding, birth story, to hang up and scrapbook, AND get a mind-blowing Live Action memory video guaranteed to cause uncontrollable amounts of hugging, high-fiving, and laughter through tears.

Check the site for pricing info: (this is way cheap for now, pricing will go up!) Contact me to book your video:

Available for:

-Family shoots
-Engagements and weddings
-Birth stories
-Adoption stories
-Church occasions (baptisms, family sealings)
-Life stories of a loved one fighting a terminal disease
-Any special occasion you'd like to document...

Check out this cute video I made recently for the Haggard Family.

Here is an example of a baby birth video:

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Mary Hubbard said...

I sobbed like a fool with the birth video...absolutely beautiful! What is the name of the song playing?