Saturday, August 27, 2011

Baby Cal birth video

Emily went into labor 3 weeks earlier with baby Cal, just like her first baby, Hayes. I was so excited to get the call, "Emily is in labor, bring your camera gear!"

Emily delivered naturally and was a serious champion. I left the room just when the baby was coming out and waited outside and listened. I instantly got choked up hearing the pangs of birth and then....the first cry. I planned shots and the music to be just like Emily...calm, collected, nervous yet confident anticipation.


If you are pregnant, you want a video like this don't miss out. Contact me!


Tiffany said...

Collin you are so talented. So wish you were located in California. I had tears in my eyes during this entire video.

JEHELB said...

Wow, I wanted to sob out loud during this video. What a neat gift to this family. You did an incredible job of capturing all the important, little details that we sometimes forget during the births of our babies. Thank you for sharing.

Collin Kartchner said...

Thank you so much

Le Anne Bull said...

too too much - i cried like a baby! so precious!