Tuesday, July 24, 2012

3 years ago, Jana Lynn and Quinn lost their little boy in a way so tragic it's almost unthinkable. Yet during their grief, they looked for ways to serve others. This is a story of the tragic loss of their son, the insurmountable pain they experienced, and how they turned tragedy into triumph.

Countless times during the meeting, planning, interviewing, filming and editing process, I had to stop because it became too emotional to handle. I have a little blonde haired 4-year old who I love more than anything, I couldn't comprehend losing her. It was hard to stop the tears as I tried to orchestrate this story.

It's not often you come across people so inspiring they literally inspire you to be a better person, but this is what I experienced working with this incredible family. I can't imagine the pain they went through losing their child so tragically, but it's a testament to the human spirit, the family bond, and the overflowing faith in a loving Father in Heaven that brought them where they are today.

Please watch with headphones on for full effect. Hope you enjoy it.


Songs by Kerry Muzzey and Cinematic Orchestra
Shot on Canon 5D Mark II
Edited in FCP7
Photo Credit: Deseret News

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Anonymous said...

Beautifully done. Very touching.

Richardson said...

Wow words cannot express what I am feeling right this min. In stead of why me God, its what can we do God? We just loss our #11 Grand last weekend, the hurt never gets easier, it only becomes more tolerable. I am so impressed with your work and the feeling behind it. One day I WILL have all my children together again and you will be there some how some way. Thank you for sharing!

Betty said...

This is so very beautiful, every part of it.

NICHOLAS said...

So you don't blog anymore. Need to work up the SEO.

Nick Wentzel

caz hancock said...

WOW this broke my heart, I have a 6year old daughter who is my whole life. I can not even beging to imagine how i could ever cope with loosing her, it would destroy me.
This family are an inspiration to us all.
Great job on this Collin, you did them proud.

Brady Beeson said...

You have such an amazing talent. Such a tragic story so beautifully put into picture. What an amazing family, my thoughts go out to them.