Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Lake we call Utah

Utah Lake has been a 2nd home since high school. To some, it is one gigantic puddle of fish poo, mixed with radioactive leftovers from Geneva Steel, only 4-6 feet deep by the end of summertime. To others, it is wakeboarding Mecca. Where else can you ollie over floating, dead carp and WALK back to your boat after a run? Where else can you carve your board into a thin layer of green algae that floats on the surface at Summer's end? Pretty sure I am growing a 3rd eye on the back of my skull from all that Uranium 238...

As a first generation Utah Laker, I am proud to introduce my sprouts to its murky nastiness.

I would've taken pictures of people wakeboarding, but there were 4 foot white-caps.

It's a Love-Hate relationship.

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Laci said...

K still jealous my kids will never know they had a mom sense I'm always m.i.a in pictures. Love your pictures. Fun to meet you at studio 5! She did great :)