Thursday, August 12, 2010

Gould engagements

Ashley and Dan asked me to shoot their engagement photos. It's always fun working with young engaged couple because they're so cute and innocent, I almost feel like I'm going to break them. There was a couple cool places around my town I wanted to shoot at, these two were up for anything.

Nevermind the barb-wired fence we had to cross to get to this tree.

I was standing on a tall stool to get this angle, I wish I could've got higher up. Don't worry, the stool tipped over and I ate crap right after this shot.


Sara Ancich of snip {snap!} photography said...

hopefully you were wearing underware up on that stool.

great pics. beauty.

HewwiyBelle said...
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Ashley said...

It is so funny that I just came across your blog because I was just looking at our engagements thinking about how much I love them. Our wedding photos were somewhat of a disaster, and Dan has now heard me complain that we should have got married in Utah so you could have been our photographer about a million times, so you have no idea how grateful I am for our beautiful engagements! Thank you!